Tantra Practitioner Certification Course

2-day Training Live on Zoom

Hybrid learning: we will start with a 2-day live presentation and continue with written and video and audio-recorded materials.

Attention: This course is adapted for virtual learning. There will be NO body-work class, demonstrations, or practice since it's not possible in virtual learning.

I will teach only practices that can be adapted to working online.

No experience is necessary

There are no prerequisites for taking this course

Over the weekend, you will learn everything you need to know to teach people Tantra, coach intimacy to men, women, and couples, and facilitate meditation and healing sessions.

You will be able to start a spiritually rewarding and lucrative business right away.

You will learn to create coaching and wellness sessions for private clients and groups of students. You will learn how step-by-step legally to set up your new exciting business on a shoestring budget.

You will receive a Certified Tantra Practitioner Certificate

You can choose your own path:

  • You can work from home, office, yoga studio, or visit clients in their homes.

  • You can run workshops in parks.

  • You can coach clients all over the world through Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts...

  • You can provide one or a combination of the following services: Tantra Wellness consulting, coaching, energy healing, Tantra Wellness body-work, or teach classes.

After finishing this course, you will be able to consult, coach, teach and provide Tantra Wellness Healing Sessions. This certification alone does not make you eligible for becoming a licensed massage therapist in the State of Maryland. Please check your local regulations. However, this certification can be a wonderful addition to your existing alternative healing, massage, or metaphysical practice.

I've designed this course, especially for people that desire to start a new career or looking to add something new to their existing practice. I've peeled off all the fluff and kept only practical therapeutic parts. I have clients traveling to see me from other states because they know that there is no one else has the training and experience that I have. I do not offer teachings about confusing exotic philosophies or unrealistic lifestyles. I offer something that anyone can apply in real life and help themselves to heal. Through years of my own healing and helping others heal, I've developed unique therapeutic protocols where the gems of ancient knowledge adapted to the modern world, real life, and real people.

Tantra is not overseen or licensed by any agency. Now, I want you to live the life you want the way you want! Tantra is a spiritual practice, and Tantra Practitioner is a self-regulated profession. There is no "accredited" Tantra institution in the USA or in any other country.

I am blessed to have a job that is very rewarding spiritually and financially. It gives me the freedom to have the life I want. Now, I want you to live the life you want the way you want!

There is never been a better time to acquire new knowledge and get professional training! Thanks to the internet, you can do that in the comfort of your own home at a much more affordable price. There are no transportation or hotel expenses and no time you'd have to take off from work.

You will learn:

  • Foundations of Tantra

  • Meditation & Mantras

  • How to Enter Alternate State of Mind (Trance)

  • Chakra System

  • Breath-work

  • Body-work (theory only)

  • Emotional Release Techniques

  • Energy Healing

  • Male & Female Orgasm

  • Full-Body Orgasm

  • Kundalini Awakening

  • Tantra Sex Foundations

  • Sexual Trauma Healing

  • Step-by-Step Guide to Sessions

You will receive:

  • Video classes

  • Guided meditations audio recordings Guide for setting up your practice/business legally

  • Marketing Guide

  • Guide for creating active and passive streams of income with the learned skills

  • Step-by-step outline for your sessions

  • Client's intake forms templates. Email drafts. Scheduling, payment, and cancellation policy drafts.

  • List of suggested gadgets and software for running online sessions, recording, and editing audio and video.

  • Guided meditation audio recordings for your own use

  • Guided meditation scripts that you can use in private or group sessions.

Don't wait until the last moment. These groups always fill up fast. I keep this group small as the training is intense and each student goes through a personal transformation.

Last enrollment of 2023!
Tantra Practitioner Certification Course

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