Shamanic Practices - Healing Light

Pack of 5 Meditation Scripts

The Healing Light 5 Scripts Package is your ally in helping clients unlock their inner radiance, heal deeply, and embrace their fullest potential. Illuminate their path to wellness and transformation and elevate your practice to new heights.

What is included with your purchase:

1) 5 guided meditation scripts: Healing Light - Shamanic healing (4 scripts are about 3 pages long, 1 script is 7 pages long)

2) License that grants the use of the scripts

3) A short guide to working with scripts and creating meditation and hypnosis recordings

4) 3-minute MP3 “Welcome Abundance“

5) 5-minute MP3 “Energy Reset“

6) A short guide “Spiritual business you can start from home right now“

Are you ready to take your healing and transformational practices to a whole new level? The Healing Light 5 Scripts Package has been meticulously designed with you in mind, offering a powerful toolkit to enhance your therapeutic work and guide your clients toward profound healing and personal growth.

Ancient Wisdom Revived: Our package is an invitation to revive ancient healing practices and reconnect with nature's profound wisdom. Dive into the transformative power of healing light, just as ancient healers did in their sacred rituals.

Versatility for Your Practice: These scripts are crafted to seamlessly integrate into your sessions, whether you're facilitating meditation, hypnosis, energy work, or therapeutic healing. They adapt to your specific needs and those of your clients, making them an invaluable addition to your professional toolbox.

Comprehensive Healing: Address physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects with these scripts. Clear away obstacles, release emotional burdens, and empower your clients to live their best lives. Imagine the positive impact you can make by guiding them toward true transformation.

Daily Empowerment: Encourage your clients to incorporate these healing light practices into their daily routines for lasting well-being. Help them reduce stress, cultivate emotional resilience, and enhance their spiritual connection. Witness their bodies and spirits harmoniously align.

A Light in the Darkness: As you guide your clients through these transformative scripts, watch as they become beacons of positivity, radiating light that attracts abundance into their lives. Foster a sense of community among your clients as they walk their spiritual paths with confidence.

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