Vedic Gemstone Recommendation

You can get from me a personalized Vedic Gemstone recommendation according to your birthdate, I can help you to choose the perfect gemstone to align with your unique energy.

The Vedic system of Gemstones has been used for thousands of years to harness the power of the planets and bring balance to our lives. Each gemstone is associated with a specific planet and has its own unique properties and benefits.

When you wear your Vedic Gemstone, you'll feel a deeper connection to the energy of the Universe and experience a greater sense of balance and harmony in your life. You will also receive the specific benefits associated with your gemstone, whether it's increased prosperity, improved health, or greater spiritual awareness.

You will receive a written reply with the recommendation of the gemstone/s and the best way and time to use it: a 1-page PDF


When Your birthdate: Month - Day - Year

Enter your birthdate into the text box during your payment process.

Please write the name of the month (not a number). The date format is written in a different order in different parts of the world, so it may get confusing.

You will receive your Gemstone Recommendation within 24 hours via email that is associated with your payment account.