30 Days to a More Positive Outlook: Gratitude Journal with Prompts

I designed this journal to help you practice mindfulness and to rewire your brain to automatically focus on the positive.

1-month workbook with prompts for daily inner reflection and gratitude.

By intentional daily practice, we can change our brain's neuro-network which leads to forming new beneficial habits and forming a positive mindset.

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

A simple straightforward 60-page Guide for hypnotists on how to facilitate Past Life Regression hypnosis in private and group settings.

Includes hypnotic pre-talk and a full-length hypnosis script.
Large print, so you can read from the book during your sessions if you need to.

Omens and Premonitions Journal with prompts

I designed this journal to help you boost your intuition.

  • Size: 8" x 10"

  • 108 pages

  • Simple 2-page layout with prompts for each entry - plenty of space to write

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Spiritual business that you can start from home

I've created this 17-page PDF to help you come up with ideas for starting a spiritual business that you can operate on your own schedule, with minimal investment.

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Spiritual Business You Can Start From Home
Spiritual Business You Can Start From Home