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As the world evolves, so is Shamanism. Not all Shamans wear feathers and beat drums around the fire. Some moved into offices and adapted ancient Shamanic practices to make them more suitable for modern minds.

I do use drumming in group healing that I run a few times per year. It is an excellent "driver" - means to put people into an alternate state of mind - trance. But in the office, when working one-on-one, I use hypnosis instead of drums. So, when you are coming in for a private session, it may be compared to hypnotherapy.


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1-hour session - $195


Once you schedule, you will receive a confirmation email with forms for you to fill up and instructions for preparing for your appointment. You do not need to print this form. Simply type the answers in and email back.


The link to log in for your appointment will be emailed 5 minutes prior to the scheduled time. You do not have to set up a Zoom account. Just click on the link and wait for the zoom screen to come up. Zoom app may ask for your permission to use camera and microphone, just click Yes. If you have a choice, choose a computer over a smartphone for the appointment. Phone tend to run out of power, freeze, lose connection, and fall down at the worst possible moment. You will have a much better experience on computer and will be able to record your entire appointment,


  • Make sure to dress comfortably for your appointment.
  • Avoid tight clothing.
  • Make sure to eat prior to the appointment to ensure that your blood sugar level is stable.
  • Wear a sweater or have a blanket ready as the body temperature drops during hypnosis.
  • Have some water ready, you will be very thirsty after the session.
  • A regular chair, recliner, or couch is fine for the session. Do not plan to lie down though during the session as you may fall asleep.
  • Position your computer in a way that will ensure that I see your face through the entire session, otherwise, I won’t be able to monitor the level of your trance.
  • Turn off your phone and make sure that no one disturbs you during the session. If you have pets, please lock them out.


Shamanism is a spiritual practice that is rooted in nature. It is the oldest spiritual practice on this planet. Dated at least 40,000 years ago. The reason why Shamanism is still alive is that it speaks to the very core of the human experience, it’s all about life and why we are here. Its goal is to provide answers and help when we need it and show us the pathway from the space of pain and struggle into the space of peace and joy.


Shamanism is practiced worldwide by Indigenous People of North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Druids in Ireland, England, and Northern France. Taltos in Hungary. Bon Po in Tibet. There are so many different lineages of Shamanism, just to name a few; Pagan, Buddhist, Tantric... Although they may have different names, all these spiritual practices have similarities.


Shamans believe that the energy and soul may get fragmented due to trauma, pain, fear, abuse… Parts of the energy and soul may get trapped in space and time, attach to people and places. The fragmentation may happen simply due to a strong attachment to a person, situation, place… or as a way of dealing with trauma and pain (dissociation?) In turn, people may lose strength, become less resilient, feel emotionally and physically weak, slip into depression, even become seriously ill. In that case, a Shaman would travel alone or with the person that needs help to locate and retrieve these lost pieces. It’s called Shamanic Soul Retrieval. The retrieved pieces then would be integrated back to heal the soul and make the person whole again, so he or she can heal.


              Purity Laws:


  • Purity of the mind
  • Purity of the heart
  • Purity of the body
  • Purity of the space


Traveling into the unordinary realms is called Shamanic Journey.

Shamanic Journey is a way to shift from an ordinary way of thinking to a more creative, imaginary way, so we can connect to the higher-self, entities, ancestors, and Gods. For that to be possible, the Shaman and all that are involved must enter a trance at will or with the help of the drivers.



Drivers – the ways to enter alternate states of consciousness, trance.


  • Hypnotic induction.
  • Meditation.
  • Prayer.
  • Breathwork.
  • Ecstatic dancing.
  • Throat singing.
  • Fasting.
  • Sacred/Tantric sex.
  • Gazing at symbols, runes, mandalas, flame, water.
  • Staying in complete darkness for an extended period of time.
  • Sonic rhythm: drumming, rattling, chanting, mantras, signing bawls, vargan (jaw harp). Stumping the stick of a broom or a sword’s handle on the floor. Drumming is usually done with 180 beats per minute – it attunes us to the Earth pulse.
  • Hallucinogenics: herbs, spices, mushrooms, bark of a tree (Ayahuasca). Drugs. Oral or topical (“flying ointment”).

Modern Shamans. Trance drivers.

What a Soul looks like to psychics?

Drugs and Hallucinogenics use in Shamanism