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Dakini Apprenticeship Program

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Who is this mysterious Dakini?


Dakini is a complex term. There are different classes of Dakinis that exist to this day in India. Tibet, Mongolia, Japan, and China. In Sanskrit, Dakini means Sky Dancer or Skygoer. It's a Tantric Priestess. It is a transmuter of ancient knowledge, a human guru, and a muse for spiritual practice.


In India, Dakini is considered to be so powerful, some people believe that it is a demon in the training. Dakini is a matriarchal force and perceived as a threat to patriarchy. They are often compared to malevolent or vengeful female spirits, deities, imps, or fairies in other cultures, such as the Persian peri. It is a complete being that possesses a balance of yin and yang. It is a living Deva, a Goddess, in blood and flesh.


In some instances, you may see some male Tantra practitioners calling themselves Daka. The requirement is to give up the male essence completely. This man ceases to exist, and his body becomes a vessel for female essence. In Sanskrit though, there is only one word, Dakini.


There are only female Dakinis, there is no male Dakini. It is an impossibility and a contradiction in terms. I have never met a realized Daka. I genuinely do not believe that it is possible for a man to become what Dakini is. In Tibetan, the word "daka" means a "hero". A man has to be a true hero to even get close to what Dakini is.


I want you to understand that as a woman you are already a complete being that naturally possesses much more power than any man ever could. In Tantra, a woman is complete on her own, and a man is nothing without a woman. A wife is a guru, and a husband is a student. It is sad to see how many women gave up their power. I want to help you to regain it.


Every woman has a Dakini within her. You just need the knowledge and the guidance to awaken your Dakini. You can become a Dakini to the world that surrounds you or to just one special man that you have chosen to share your life with.



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Throughout this program you will learn:


- The ancient wisdom of Tantra

- Expand your consciousness

- Awaken the Goddess within you

- Heal yourself and your loved ones

- Perceive, manipulate and control energy - energy healing for yourself and others

- Evoke nature's forces and focus this energy into the manifestation of what you desire

- Evoke planetary energies for acquiring the knowledge and manifesting your desires

- Release emotional trauma

- Overcome your sexual challenges such as low libido and anorgasmia

- Take your confidence level over the roof

- Tantric meditation techniques

- Balancing your chakras/energetic body

- How to attract men and make them fall in love with you

- Become a seductress that no man can resist

- How to choose a right partner

- How to have total control over your relationship

- Full body energetic orgasm

- Tantric sex

- How to create an unforgettable sensual experience for your lover


If you are ready to awaken that Dakini within you and have all men fallen to your feet, this program is right for you.

One-on-One Dakini Apprenticeship


The sacred knowledge that is only possible to pass one-on-one

Face-to-Face via Zoom

12 x 2-hr weekly sessions (3 months)

Total investment: $3,000


or 6  by-weekly installments of $550