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Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification Course

This course would be perfect for you if you have a Yoga, Wellness, Healing, Metaphysical/Esoteric, or Hypnosis Practice.


Instant access. Study at your own pace with prerecorded classes.



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Everything you need to know to start your healing soul-centered business and create a steady income is provided with this course.


$500 (or three monthly payments of $180)


If you are feeling lost and can't figure out how to unlock your healing gifts and

actually, apply them in the real world, this course might be just what you need.


Throughout this course, you will:

  • Start with your personal healing - you cannot heal others without healing yourself first.
  • Expand your consciousness and your reality
  • Trigger major life transformation
  • Gain practical knowledge and skills that are applicable in real life with real people
  • Lay out a solid foundation for your business, so you can thrive
  • Fulfill your purpose by doing what you love on your own schedule


I have created this course with the purpose of giving you a universal framework that can be easily applied to any belief system, any spiritual tradition, and any lineage. Every client you'll see will come with their own story and background, and now, you will be able to adapt easily to their model of the world to make your work more effective.


I don't teach a book-learned 'science'. Everything I share is what I do myself in daily work with my clients. No-nonsense. Practical. Effective.


Regardless of our beliefs, backgrounds, and traditions, we all can learn something valuable from each other, we all can love and support each other, and we can combine our efforts for the betterment of our World.

You will learn:

  • Introduction to Shamanism Philosophy
  • Shamanic Model of the World
  • Everything you need to know to facilitate Meditation, Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval safely and effectively
  • You will learn how to facilitate Shamanic Healing in one-on-one and group sessions, in-person, and remotely (online)
  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Shamanic Sorcery
  • Meditation and Basic Hypnosis skills


Instant access to the course hub:

  • Video recordings of live presentations, workshops, and classes
  • Audio recordings with meditations and hypnosis sessions
  • Huge video library with session demos, various protocols and techniques, marketing, building multiple streams of income, self-publishing, and students discussions.


Text files include:

  • Manual
  • A guide for setting up your practice/business legally
  • Marketing Guide
  • Guide for creating active and passive streams of income with the learned skills
  • Step-by-step outline for your sessions and ready-to-use hypnotic scripts
  • Set of 3 scripted workshops to help you get ready to present for groups
  • Client's intake forms templates. Email drafts. Scheduling, payment, and cancellation policy drafts.
  • List of suggested gadgets and software for running online sessions, recording, and editing audio and video.
  • Text draft for your website for offering Shamanic Journey and Soul Retrieval


This course will NOT teach you Native American Religion. Shamanism and Native American religion are NOT the same. Native American tribes don't even have the word "Shaman" in their language. It's a Medicine Man or a Medicine Woman, not a Shaman. The word Shaman originated in the Tungus language, in Siberia. Shamanism is dated over 40,000 years ago - long before the existence of Native American tribes (26,000 years ago). Shamanism is practiced all over the world, on every continent, by every race, and by every nation.


Shamanism is not a religion, it's not some gift, it's not some magic that can be passed through blood, it's a skill set that one can learn and develop.

It's 2022! Knowledge is available to everyone who seeks it! Only through Knowledge and hard work, you can unlock your Gifts. No one will give it to you. No Gifts are just given. You have to work for them.

You are Special! You are Gifted! You are Powerful!
Claim it!

As the world evolves, so is Shamanism. Not all Shamans wear feathers and beat drums around the fire. Some of us moved into offices and adapted ancient Shamanic practices to make them more suitable for modern minds. Guard yout traditions but don't let them stop you from moving forward.


I do use drumming in group healing. It is an excellent "driver" - means to put people into an alternate state of mind - trance. But in the office, when working one-on-one, I use hypnosis instead of drums.


Of course, there is no better way to learn something than to actually experience it. You will experience Shamanic practices like grounding and shielding, Journey, and Soul Retrieval during our classes. You can't help others heal without healing yourself first.




Q: Will there be a chance to practice with peers the techniques taught?

A: Yes! Join our students' support group on Facebook and attend weekly live Zoom Meetups. You can exchange practice sessions with peers in our Facebook group.


Q: Is there any support offered after the course?

A: Yes. I am available to you for further assistance. You can reach me by email or call. Join our Facebook group and attend weekly Zoom meetings for ongoing support.


Q: I don't actually have a business yet and don't know where to start.

A: I have included a written guide to help you set up a new business/healing practice. I also have included a guide for marketing.


Q: What is the teacher's lineage?

A: Siberian.


Q: What if I am aligned with a different lineage?

A: It does not matter. I am teaching techniques that can be implemented by anyone, even without any background in Shamanism. The protocol I have developed works even if you or your client don't believe in Shamanism. Look at it as a therapeutic tool.


Q: Will this course help me to prepare for work with groups?

A: This protocol is suitable for working one-on-one, with groups, in the office setting, remotely online, or outside in nature. A set of three themed scripted workshops is included in the course's files. Download to your computer, type in your adjustments, print, and you will be ready to present to the public.


Q: I am a hypnotherapist looking to implement Shamanic Soul Retrieval in my hypnotherapy practice.

A: This course will be perfect for you. The whole hypnotic protocol is outlined and 7 hypnotic scripts are included ready for you to implement in your hypnosis sessions.


Q: I don't have an office. Will I be able to offer this service online?

A: Absolutely! We are using hypnotic language. It doesn't matter whether you are sitting next to the client or working via Zoom or Skype. It's just as effective. You can build a successful business working from home without ever needing to rent an office. You can rent by the hour a larger space to run group events: yoga studio, conference room, classroom...


Q: What is the earning potential for the skill you are teaching?

A: Depends on many factors: your local market, demand, and how proactive you are in promoting your services. For comparison, I charge $195-250 per 1-hour long private session and $35 - $45 per person for group events (in Maryland). I also get passive income from my audio recordings and scripts for Shamanic practices.


Q: What is the time commitment needed for studying this course?

A: Study at your pace. Some students feel confident in implementing learned skills in their work with clients quickly. They pass exams within just a few days. Some students take months.

Although the course has lots of materials, not all materials are required for the study. There are some sections that are designed to help you start a business and promote your services.

Live weekly classes are optional.


Q: Will you be teaching Munay Ki Rites in this course?

A: No. A Tribe from a small Peruvian village designed these rituals with the purpose of invoking and honoring THEIR Ancestors and THEIR Land Spirits. There is no benefit to you in invoking their Ancestors. They are not the ones that are watching over you.


Q: Isn't Shamanic Gift supposed to be handed down from our Ancestors?

A: Shamanism is not a 'gift', it's a skill set that you can learn and develop. Nothing is just given. There is no shortcut to knowledge, it takes studies and hard work.


Q: How can you charge money for traditional healing?

A: When did it become shameful to work for a living and provide for your family?

Traditionally, A Shaman was supported and provided for by an entire Tribe. I assume that you don't have a Tribe providing for you and don't live off Government's handouts. Have pride in earning a living.


Q: Isn't Shamanism exclusive to American Indian Culture?

A: No. Shamanism is dated over 40,000 years ago. First settlers came to North America 26,000 years ago. Shamanism existed for many thousands of years before the existence of the American Indian Tribes. Shamanism is practiced all over the world, on every continent, by every race, and by every nation.


Q: Can I practice Shamanism if I am religious?

A: Shamanism is not a religion. It's a skill set.


The biggest misconception about Shamanism

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Stop running away from your destiny!

I too did my share of running and hiding.

It never worked out.

If you hear the CALL, embrace it!

Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certification Course



Study at your own pace

Instant Access

1-year access to the course files


Downloadable text files: manual, hypnotic scripts, scripted workshops ready for your to present, drafts, templates.


Membership in our students' community on Facebook for ongoing support and to connect with peers to practice your new skills.


Optional: weekly live zoom meetings for further learning, healing sessions, and help with business-building - every Friday at 12 noon EST





Enrollment fee: $500

(or three monthly payments of $180)


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